NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT: Accelerating sustainable and circular transition with Circulist Transition Plus Solutions Suite.

14th November, 2023: Circulist today announced the launch of Transition Plus in Europe (EU), a new set of tools, strategies and services for product manufacturing companies to accelerate their Transition Planning workstreams. Transition Plus is a groundbreaking initiative designed exclusively for product manufacturing leaders and companies, offering them a faster way to make their companies more sustainable and circular, and who want to understand more about accessing green finance.

The imperative to implement Transition Plans and respond to the challenges of climate change is intensifying in the EU. But whilst there is increasing pressure for businesses to plan for the future, business leaders will need help to make this shift. The opportunity lies in using a Transition Plan to future-proof and build revenues through a smart, sustainable, and circular approach.

At Circulist, we want to help. With the launch of Circulist’s Transition Plus Solutions Suite, we are entering a new era by establishing a presence in Europe with a mission to guide 1 million committed product manufacturing leaders on transitioning their companies to be sustainable and circular for a better world.”
Founder and CEO, Nick Gonios.

The Transition Plus Solutions Suite encompasses the following: 

  • Readiness Assessment: a self assessment tool is designed to map and measure companies strategic, operational, and impact capabilities and determine their maturity readiness level for Transition Plus.
  • The MAP: a free to download proprietary strategy & communications tool designed to enable businesses to describe, design, challenge and invent their sustainable and circular transition plan.
  • The Bootcamp: one day live coaching bootcamp events across European Cities.
  • The Program: a 90 day hands-on, expert practitioner-led program that will provide product manufacturing leaders with tangible results and prepare for green finance.

Transition Plus is available starting this month. For more information on this offering, visit

About circulist:

CIrculist is on a mission to guide 1 million committed product manufacturing leaders on transitioning their companies to be sustainable & circular for a better world. 

Based in the EU, we are a global team of experts with a unique perspective on transformation. We bring together our knowledge and hands-on experience in technology, marketing, product development, operations, startups, capital, and government to help product manufacturing leaders achieve their sustainability and circularity goals.

At Circulist, we firmly believe that the future is in our hands. Through sustainable and circular practices, and dedicated leadership, we can pave the way for a world that is not just better for us today, but for generations to come.

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