Our Vision for a Sustainable Future

We are building a tomorrow where products are made to be used rather than thrown away.
Where circular design and intelligent systems will enable us to re-use the materials we need to make products. Where products are good for people and the planet.
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Are You Ready for the Circular Era?

We Believe We are at an Inflection Point in History.

Through a combination of converging technologies and a collective will to build a new, circular economy, we are at the dawn of a new era.

We Believe The Circular Economy Has The Power to Reverse Climate Change.

We are seeing a shift to renewable energy production and the emergence of new recycling technologies, but that will only solve about half of the carbon emissions to bring us to Net Zero. Now is the time to re-imagine how we make and use products, to close the loop on the other half of the climate equation.

The Circulist Imperative.

Before we get to 100% circular systems eliminating waste and pollution locally, manufacturing will first have to progress through five levels of technology, organisation, product dematerialisation and build world advancements.
Traditional manufacturing with circular intent.
Tracking material usage throughout product lifecycle. Recycling activities implemented.
Dematerialisation and circular design. Products as a service.
Several local microfactory assembly and service centres operational.
100% circular system powered by an intelligent network.
5 Levels of Circular Advancement
Solving for the global climate challenge.


Using Artificial Intelligence and circular design principles to ‘do more with less’ and create products that are easier to service and recycle when their effective life is over.

Intelligent Systems

Tracking our most valuable resources throughout the lifecycle of a product, and getting better usage data allows product manufacturers to keep materials on the balance sheet, and build better products with those materials in the future.

Product as a service.

A movement away from customers owning products will empower the production of longer lasting products and encourage circular design practices, to create products that are a joy to use, and easy to repair and recycle when their life is over.

Local microfactory assembly & distribution.

Putting it all together by powering the creation of local products for local markets. Reducing carbon emissions and the reliance on global supply chains, while creating more jobs for local economies.

Goodbye Industrialist.
Hello Circulist.

Let’s Pave the Way.

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