Transition Plus MAP

A strategic management and communication tool to describe, design, challenge, and invent your sustainable and circular transition plan.
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The Transition Plus MAP enables you to: 

  • Design a new circular business model, whether you are a large product manufacturer or a start-up. 
  • Work on how to measure your impact and optimise your actions to reduce friction and accelerate the transition.
  • Visualise and communicate a simple story of your path to Circularity.

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Meet Nick

Deep passions for all things architecture and product design yet fell into software and information technology. I have over 30 years of experience in the technology industry, working in private and publicly listed software technology ventures, early-stage tech investments, and as a board member for software subscription scaleups globally.
At circulist, I'm leading a missions driven venture and building a tomorrow where products are made to be used rather than thrown away. Where circular design and intelligent ecosystems will enable us to reuse and recycle natural resources, and where products can be good for people and the planet.
Nick Gonios

Nick Gonios

Founder, circulist, experienced tech entrepreneur, executive, angel investor, and board member.

Set your intention to lead your business in a transition to a circular, sustainable model.

For business, designing and implementing a Transition Plan will future-proof operations, revenue and workforce in this changing environmental.
Increasingly, financial institutions and shareholders are looking to invest in  responsible - sustainable, environmentally and socially - businesses.

Borrow our experience.

You could tackle this challenge solo, but our invaluable experience is right here at your disposal. We're here to help you avoid costly mistakes and seize those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Neither path is a cakewalk, but we've plastered every red flag, warning sign, and instruction manual throughout this bootcamp program.

This is what sets Circulist Transition Plus apart from the rest. We've walked the walk, earned the accolades, certifications, and a roster of satisfied clients to prove it.
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The imperative to implement a Transition Plan and respond to the challenges of Climate Change is intensifying. But whilst there is increasing pressure for businesses to plan for the future, the opportunity lies in using a Transition Plan to future-proof and build revenues through a smart and sustainable approach. It a Transition Plan, and it forms part of a pathway to Circularity.
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