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Tracking materials through this product lifecycle and the next
(and the next).

We see valuing materials as central to the shift to a thriving, circular economy and we're building a technology platform that does just that.
Valuable Materials
Valuable Material

82 Million tonnes of materials are extracted from the earth every year

The world’s economy is inextricably linked to resource extraction: the rate of which is three-times faster than it was 50 years ago, while the global population has only doubled in that time.
Cine Prime Lens
Stainless Steel, Optical Glass
Touch 7.0” LCD
Aluminum, Carbon Fiber
Camera Body
Aluminum, Carbon Fiber

$85 Billion worth of valuable materials are thrown back into landfill each year.

How do we stop wasting these materials?

$4.5 Trillion

The amount of value that will be generated by 2030 by implementing circular economy principles to re-use wasted materials.*
*world economic forum

Make Your Products Better for People and the Planet.

Circulist unlocks value across the entire product lifecycle & delivers unparalleled network intelligence.
Connect to the world’s leading circular designers and businesses to create products that are a delight to use, repair and recycle
Use edge intellegence to gain insights on your products throughout their lifecycle, to empower better product design.
Digitise and store product composition in a secure materials vault, making products easier to repair and recycle while adding value to your balance sheet
Offer 'products as a service' with subscription and service management that will revolutionise your customer relationships.

Measure and Verify Impact.

The circulist ecosystem provides verification of product circularity and usage, giving all stakeholders confidence in your efforts to make beautiful products that are good for people and the planet.

Reimagining the built world experience

Circular micro assembly service centres are the future, driving positive local social and environment impact and waste.
Current Industrial World
We use and consume products and then product waste goes to directly to landfill.
Future Circulist Vision
A focus on responsible usage, recycling, and modular design enables a smaller footprint.

Enabled by a configurable, flexible, micro assembly service centre  business operating system benefiting all stakeholder including people + planet.

Requirements for circular & distributed MASCs:
  • Integrated nervous system operations centre
  • Vertically integrated modular parts
  • Trusted & transparent materials vault (web3 based)
  • Distributed, modular, and connected micro-factories
  • Flexible technology infrastructure
  • Carbon negative built world
  • Modernised & minituarised
  • Sustainable energy & materials
  • Customer experiences
  • Assembly of usage value networks
  • Local for local
  • Smart collar / agile teams

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Listen to Nick Gonios as he speaks to industrial designers, product manufacturers and innovators on the quest to dematerialise the world and accelerate the shift to the circular economy.
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