Readiness Quiz

Are you ready for Transition?

Take the circulist Readiness Quiz to determine where your business is at now and see what you need to lead your business through Transition.

Understanding Your Readiness Level

Score 18-30

Not prepared for change. Significant steps will be needed to get to a point where the business is prepared to embark on a path to transition and circularity.

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Score 31-50

Focussed effort Is required to uplift your readiness. To strengthen your readiness position, you should familiarise yourself with a few fundamental circularity concepts.

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Score 51-70

Intention is clearly there, but lacking capacity to instigate the change.

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Score 71-90

Your business is at a stage where it is ready to transition and become circular, and can get there with more guidance.

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Score 91+

Poised to be 100% Circulist and Transition-ready!

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Is Time to Take Action

We Believe We are at an Inflection Point in History.

Through a combination of converging technologies and a collective will to build a new, circular economy, we are at the dawn of a new era.

We Believe The Circular Economy Has The Power to Reverse Climate Change.

We are seeing a shift to renewable energy production and the emergence of new recycling technologies, but that will only solve about half of the carbon emissions to bring us to Net Zero. Now is the time to re-imagine how we make and use products, to close the loop on the other half of the climate equation.

Start crafting a Plan

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Take A Bolder Action Today

The imperative to implement a Transition Plan and respond to the challenges of Climate Change is intensifying. But whilst there is increasing pressure for businesses to plan for the future, the opportunity lies in using a Transition Plan to future-proof and build revenues through a smart and sustainable approach. It a Transition Plan, and it forms part of a pathway to Circularity.
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