Re-Imagine - Season 1.
The Built Environment

Recycling Technologies, Sustainable Construction Materials, Circular Design & Management, Social Circular Economy, Standard Policy & Legislation, and Built World Products Re-imagined.
Coming in 2022 on The Fifth Estate
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Series Partners
Brisbane South State Secondary College, BVN Architecture


Re-imagine is a documentary series that takes a journey of discovery into the emerging circular economy.

Each season shines a light on a new industry that is making strides toward dematerialisation, circular design, material stewardship and other sustainable breakthroughs that will accelerate the circular economy and bring us closer to net zero.
Season 1 of Re-imagine takes us into the built world as each episode tells a story of how architects, product manufacturers and engineers are working to solve the challenges of moving into the circular economy.
The documentaries will be made available to the public through, and will be released with an article on The Fifth Estate as a companion piece. We will also be creating study guides so each episode can be explored in further detail by universities and design schools.

We believe storytelling has the power to unite, inspire and accelerate the shift to circularity and we are actively building a media network and distribution channels who are aligned with our mission, to activate and magnify the impact of the content we produce.

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